Arse in a Reasonably Fast Car is a monthly Simjunkies event using the Power and Glory mod for GTR2 It’s a two round event. Round one is a time trial qualifier and round two is a three lap race between the top three competitors from round one.  The winner of the second round (or Arse-Off) is awarded the coveted Arse Trophy, which they get to keep until the next month’s event.  Points are awarded depending on the position achieved both rounds.  At the end of the year, the competitor with the most points (or Caspar as he is generally known) wins the Arse of the Year medal.  Which they get to keep.  Forever.  It’s just some pixels.

 Event Format

Events are run on the first Friday of every month. Track selection alternates. One month, we race a particular car at a standard track selected from the Arse Track Pack. The next month we race the same car at the Top Gear Test Track. The following month, there is a new car at a different standard track, followed by the same car at the TG Test Track, and so on.

There are two rounds for each event. The rules for round one differ slightly at the Top Gear Test track.

Round 1 – The Qualifier
Standard Track

  • Each driver in turn does one out lap and one timed lap (flying start)
  • You only get one chance, whatever happens on your laps
  • The running order is chosen randomly

TG TestTrack

  • Each driver does two consecutive timed laps
  • First lap is a standing start, second lap follows immediately with a flying start
  • You only get one chance, whatever happens on your laps
  • The running order is chosen randomly
  • Points are calculated from the average time of the two laps
  • Failure to register a time, through damage or track cutting, will incur a one second penalty

Round 2 – The Arse-Off

  • The top three drivers from round one (either the fastest laps or the fastest average) compete in a three lap race at that week’s track.


  • Default set up only
  • No tweaking
  • No fuel removal
  •  Only adjustment allowed is steering lock
  • Only driver aid allowed is auto clutch
  • Manual gears only
  • Cockpit view only
  • Teamspeak required


 Points Structure

Round 1 – The Qualifier Round 2 – The Arse Off
Position Points
1st 10
2nd 8
3rd 7
4th 6
5th 5
6th 4
7th 3
8th 2
1 point for turning up (if you don’t come in the top eight)
5 points deducted for hitting escape whilst your car is still able to run