How To Make A Living From Nikes Product Testers

If you are looking forward to becoming a part of Nike products testing then you must know about the different types of positions available. All the positions have their own significance and are meant for different purposes. You can have a direct involvement into various tests conducted by Nike. For instance, if you are a good runner, you can become a qualified test engineer. Or you can be a qualified grip trainer.

nike product testing

Now, if you are looking forward to getting yourself involved in the apparel business, you can get yourself enlisted in Nike’s High Performance Apparel division. You will be dealing with the development and the production of the new apparel range. You will be directly involved in the process of testing the various levels of performance of the shoes and other apparels being manufactured. The testing opportunities here include running shoes, basketball shoes, running sneakers, athletic shoes, sports shoes etc.

A Nike athlete can also be a participant in the Nike consumer product testing department. Here, he/she will have an involvement in the development of the product in every aspect. It may be in the field of sports where you may be involved in testing and advising on the new gear for the athletes being used by Nike. You may be asked to do some specialized tests such as the durability, comfort, weight and other aspects of sports apparel. You may also be asked to test out the color and the appearance of the apparel.

A Nike product testing program could also take you into the shoes section, where you will be involved in various tests with the sole of various kinds of footwear. This could take you into the shoes and other apparel for different sports that are conducted all over the world. You could take your own pick from the running shoes section and also go in for the basketball shoes section. You could take your pick from the volleyball shoes, ice hockey, fencing, table tennis, softball, baseball and any other sports you could think of.

There are several companies who have their own special category of testers and they are in fact the hired experts for this job. These specialized people tester the shoes and other apparels being produced by Nike. These testers are normally paid well for their services and are given tips about how to improve the products. They can tell you what material is weak and what material should be used for strengthening the shoes.

If you want to make good money as a professional tester then you need to generate income as fast as possible by signing up for a Nike product testing program. This way you will be able to save some money as you will not need to pay the testing company for the services. Once you start generating the income you can take the company up for hire and work for them testing all the latest products being made by Nike.