How To Make Money With Blog


Marketing is a broad subject, but when you’re creating a blog and want to make money with it marketing as a subject is more scaled down. What you must know about marketing are a few things, all covered in this directory or in separate articles.

To begin with SEO is crucial. You won’t get your blog listed in any search engine if you don’t do your SEO research well. In fact, you need to get A+ on this step. The research you have to do before you even buy a domain.

Why do SEO?

The reason SEO is so important is basically that if it’s done well you get higher ranking by search engines. High ranking – or at least top 5 – is leading to hugely increased traffic. And not any traffic but visitors that have searched for exactly that keyword they found your blog top ranked on. See the potential here?

It’s basically the best way to get targeted traffic without paying anything.

If your budget is not at minimum, you can also receive traffic by advertising your blog. Just as you can use Adsense on your blog to get paid by showing ads, you also can use Google Adwords to promote your blog by buying ad spaces. This is very common and it doesn’t have to cost very much either, using keywords with lower competition.

Social Media Marketing

Go over to Facebook and create a Fan Page or Business Page for your blog. Every day people surfing around on Facebook and searching for information. Facebook is an ever changing website and people are spending more time each week on Facebook, so naturally Facebook have merged an agreement with Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine, which can benefit you as a blogger. By a Fan Page you will get listed quicker at Bing, being present on Facebook and get a backlink from one of the 3 largest websites online. That’s what I would call “Bingo!”

Using Twitter is also a good portal to reach more people. Create an account with the same name as your blog. And this is also working two ways, first of all you’re being able to reach more people. Second of all people are more willing to trust you when they see that your blog is connected to more than one network. It makes your blog, and you, more dynamic and trustworthy. And a third good thing is that you get a backlink, or even more than one, from another large website.

Start a YouTube channel where you promote your blog, show other people’s videos on the same niche of your blogs’. It’s not that hard as it seems, and it gives an even more dynamical feeling if you make a couple of videos yourself.

The Name Of The Game Backlinking

This section is getting more and more important, as backlinks in these social days are one of the strongest motivators for Google to rank a page high. This is a section you can do a lot, but are also dependent on your visitors to actually recommend your blog by social media.

What you can do is writing articles with a link to your blog. Write a Squidoo Lens about the niche of your blog and link to your blog. Here you also can link some of your article to this Squidoo Lens to make the backlinking game more realistic, which will benefit your ranking.

Now I’m revealing something that I usually gets paid to both do and reveal. It’s the online marketers dream, and the million dollar solution, really. My favourite way of getting backlinks though, is undoubtly this:
Make people share a link to your blog on social media, Facebook or Twitter, to get a free gift of some kind. It may be a report or a guide on something related to your niche.

It’s almost ridiculous how well this thing works. It doesn’t cost people more than a second of their life to do this, but it helps you a lot! I know it sounds silly, I couldn’t believe the results when I first tried this out. And it’s a little out of the regular box, far from every professional marketer knows about this trick, so this is a great way to go.

More marketing tips is available in the articles in the specific subjects covered briefly here.